Ashley Cox

Ashley Cox


Learning happens best when children feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.  As an educator, it is my first priority to establish a positive learning environment; one in which children feel safe and can learn to trust me, trust their peers, and trust their surroundings. Successful classroom communities value each student’s special talents, interests, and personalities.  A strong classroom community is essential to nurturing the learning process and provides a positive learning climate. 

My Goals:  

● To encourage children to make positive behavior choices 
● To encourage children to assume responsibility for their choices 
● To build children’s self ­esteem 

It is important that we, as parents and teachers, work together regarding your child’s  education. Our working together is the key to your child’s success.  

Sincerely,  Mrs. Cox 


About Me


     I am thrilled to be your new first grade teacher! 

            I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Ashley Cox and I have lived in the Chandler-Gilbert area since it was corn and sheep fields. I went to Chandler High and then ASU (Go Sun devils!).  I have taught with Gilbert Public Schools since 2006. 

             I am married to Bill Cox and have 3 children, Jesse 19, Madison 17, and Hannah 8. Four out of 5 of us are in college classes. Needless to say I believe learning is a life long process.  

          I believe teaching is a career that is both challenging and exciting.  I love teaching because I want to make a positive impact on the future and I love working with children.  I greatly value parental involvement and hope that together we can create the greatest learning environment for the children. Therefore, I feel it is essential that we work together to make this a successful year for the kids.         


Mrs.  Cox